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My June 2019 trip

I had an experience in the Philippines in June of 2019 and loved every bit of it. It started with a slow welcome as the kids rushed Rodrigo and Charlie since they had already met them, but I was different story. It was my first time meeting the kids and I was nervous to introduce myself. They ended up asking a lot questions about who I am and I answered them happily knowing they would get to know me better. After spending time to get to know everyone better they were very friendly, caring, and full of energy. And when I say full of energy I mean it, since I’m a big and tall guy the kids had a lot fun trying to jump and climb me like their own personal playground. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a good time as well for entertaining their fun. As they grew on me I started to appreciate my time in the Philippines more and more, and made me realize just how amazing It felt to help these kids and bring a smile on their faces while they have to deal with the harsh reality of poverty in a developing country. As more and more time passes with helping with the community feeding, visiting the local schools and playing some soccer and basketball, I come to the conclusion of wanting to task myself with helping these kids get what every child deserves, the opportunity to properly educate themselves and go on to possibly have career’s through education. Making it possible to do so by bringing attention to these problems I decided to join my friend in his nonprofit known as Beacon For Children. Through Beacon for Children we strive to provide under privileged kids an opportunity to properly hone their education and skills, but also tackling a challenge to break their own cycle of poverty. And that about puts my trip of June 2019 to the Philippines in a little summary and I hope to bring many stories with me as we go on with BFC.


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