Our Vision

We Change Their Present, So They Can Change The Future


Beacon For Children was founded in the beginning of 2018 to help underprivileged children in underdeveloped countries. In 2017 I Took a volunteer trip to the Phillipines, where my eyes were opened to understand the bigger picture in life.  I saw kids with nothing living their life like they had everything. That triggered a change in my life, I started to realize that all the things in my life that I had made a priority at the end of the day weren't as important as I thought. So I decided that I was going to do something more impactful. 

I was going to start a nonprofit that would help underprivileged children in underdeveloped countries. Thats is when the idea of Beacon For Children came along. I wanted my organization to be seen as a place that provides hope, refuge, and guidance to a better future. Our goal is to have an impact and change these kids lives now so they are able to go and impact the future. The way we are looking to accomplish these things would be through our Child Development Centers. In these centers we would work with the kids in three areas:Academic, Social/Emotional, and Physical. We believe each of these areas are important in helping shape a childs life.


Rodrigo Noronha