Our Team


Rodrigo Noronha

Rodrigo is the founder and current president of Beacon For Children. With his motto of “Change the World or Die Trying”, he believes he was born to make a difference and help underprivileged children to have an opportunity to make something more of their life.


Charlie Medeiros

Charlie is the creative director of Beacon For Children. He traveled to the Philippines in July of 2018, and was able to see first hand what life is like for the children. He filmed and produced our first documentary. Charlie is also a special needs teacher in the United States.


Andrew Swendsen

Andrew is the treasurer of Beacon For Children. He is passionate about creating a better world for everyone to live in.


mAtt Barros

Matt is a firm believer that underprivileged children should be able to fulfill their dreams just like any other child. In 2015, he was part of an engineering class that created braille toys for the local school for blind children.