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Child Development Center


We at Beacon For Children believe that we are able to impact and provide change in the world by working with the children. Who we believe can help them shape the future.

One of our biggest components in doing this is our Child Development Center. The purpose of this Center is to provide kids with a place where they are able to grow and excel in certain areas we believe are critical for their future. We will be working closely with the kids in three areas. Those areas are social/emotional, physical, academic.

There was research done by the Harvard T.H Chan school in Boston, MA and they discovered that about 1/3 of children that are in low/middle income countries fail to reach certain developmental milestones that help them in their future. A lot of these kids also deal with a lot of inferiority complex that is brought to them through things like social statuses of family.

Kids would go through our center from the age of 4-18 and during this time we would work on the three areas stated above as well as helping in getting the children set up in the best possible way for them to succeed in the future.